Cookies Policy


Our website uses cookies in order to improve the services provided. Cookies are small files that store information in your browser and normally serve to distinguish individual users. However, a user is not identifiable on the basis of this information. Cookies therefore help with regard to the following:

  • to ensure the functionality of our website;
  • to remember visitors’ login details so they do not have to repeatedly log in;
  • to determine which websites and functions are most frequently used by visitors, enabling us to best adapt our offer to your needs;
  • to determine which advertisements visitors view most often so that the same advertisement is not displayed repeatedly when they browse the website.

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Cookies used on our website can be divided into two basic types, depending on the length of their storage. Short-term cookies, or session cookies, are only temporary and remain stored in your browser only until you close the browser; persistent cookies remain stored in your device much longer or until manually removed (the length of storage of cookies in your device depends on the settings of the cookies as such, as well as on the settings of your browser).

In terms of the function performed by the individual cookies, the cookies can be broken down as follows:

  • Conversion cookies: not used on our website;
  • Tracking cookies: help to analyse the effectiveness of our website structure;
  • Remarketing cookies: are used to personalise the contents of advertisements and their proper targeting;
  • Analytical cookies: help us to improve the user comfort of our website by understanding how users use it;
  • Essential cookies: are necessary to ensure the basic website functionality.

Certain cookies may collect information which is subsequently used by third parties, such as to directly support our advertising activities (“third-party cookies”). For example, information on products visited on our website may be designed by an advertising agency so that we can better adjust the display of online advertising banners on the websites you visit. However, you cannot be identified on the basis of this data.


The use of cookies can be set up in your web browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies in their default settings. Cookies can be declined through your web browser, or you can allow the use of only certain cookies in the setup.

Information on browsers and the manner of setting the options for the use of cookies can be found on the following websites:

An effective tool for cookies management is also available at