Is your child suffering from diarrhea? We have the solution.

ENTEROSGEL® is based on organic silicon, it is not only highly effective for diarrhoea, but also safe and gentle on the digestive tract of even the smallest children - recommended without age restrictions.

Organic minerals ENTEROSGEL® contains no sugars, preservatives or colourings and is also flavourless
Adsorbs toxins As it passes through the intestine, it binds toxins and other harmful substances to its surface
Removes toxins from the intestine The bound toxins are naturally removed from the intestine - the gel is not absorbed into the body through the mucous membranes

ENTEROSGEL® is free of sugar, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, fat, colourings, flavourings, preservatives and ingredients of vegetable or animal origin.

ENTEROSGEL® can help your child. ENTEROSGEL® is a modern enterosorbent that helps get rid of harmful substances as well as toxins. It does not remain in the digestive system, is not absorbed and leaves the body in the natural manner. In contrast to other products, it does not colour the stool, which is very important for diagnosis. ENTEROSGEL® is also safe for children from birth. It is advisable to consult a doctor prior to use of ENTEROSGEL®.

Why choose ENTEROSGEL®

Suitable for symptomatic treatment of diarrhoeic diseases
Can be used by adults, children from birth and pregnant and breastfeeding women
Contains no additives, preservatives, gluten, sweeteners, lactose, sugar
ENTEROSGEL® is completely non-allergenic
ENTEROSGEL® does not contain alcohol and is not addictive
Easy to use and always at hand
ENTEROSGEL® is not metabolised or absorbed into the bloodstream
Side effects (constipation, nausea) are extremely rare

How to use ENTEROSGEL®

Stir ENTEROSGEL® in a glass of water and drink. Take 3 times a day or as needed.

Age Dose How often to use
Under 1 year 2.5g (≈ 1/2 teaspoon) diluted in 7.5–15ml of water. 3 times daily
1 - 6 years old 5g (≈ 1 teaspoon) diluted in 50–100ml of water. 3 times daily
7 - 14 years old 10g (≈ 2 teaspoons) diluted in 50–100ml of water. 3 times daily
15 years+ and adults 15g to 22.5g (≈ 1 tablespoon or 1–1.5 sachet) diluted in 200ml of water. 3 times daily