ENTEROSGEL® – a diarrhea-free vacation

Do you like to travel and often go on work trips or vacation? Then you should add ENTEROSGEL® to your first aid kit.

Digestive problems and diarrhea can occur on vacation for all kinds of reasons. On vacation we often encounter food and water that our body is not used to. Aside from that we can experience changes in temperature that are unaccustomed for us.

Physicians believe that the frequent occurrence of diarrhea among people while travelling may be associated with breaking the rules of personal hygiene (unwashed hands), and the need to visit restaurants and other public eating facilities.

A frequent cause of problems is water, milk, culinary products, meat and eggs. Tourists can become ill for example after drinking water from local sources, even in cases where they swallow some water while swimming. Low quality food and water are abundant in microorganisms, viruses and parasites that cause disease.

The risk of contracting an intestinal infection is not only high for people who visit exotic countries, but also for those who spend their free time at their own cottage or at home.

If intestinal problems are minor, we can handle them on our own, but in serious cases it is necessary to find a doctor!

ENTEROSGEL® works fast so you can enjoy your vacation in full.

In the case of diarrhea the best solution is a sparse diet with restrictions on uncooked fruit and vegetables.

The intake of fluids must be increased (juice, tea, water).

It is also necessary to use products that remove toxins from the body – intestinal adsorbents. A modern but already well known enterosorbent is ENTEROSGEL®. Thanks to its porous surface, it helps eliminate toxins and harmful substances that can cause disease and thus contributing to the restoration of damaged intestinal mucosa.

It is also important to remember: If there is fever, blood in your stools, signs of dehydration, six or more episodes of diarrhoea in the last 24 hours, diarrhoea and vomiting at the same time, or a severe or continuous stomach ache, seek medical advice especially in the case of children as soon as possible.

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